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​            ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Curriculum Review, Design and Innovation

  • Curriculum Analysis and Review- cutting strategic costs and become more effective.
  • Assessment system Review and implementation- monitor and predict at every level.
  • "Leading an Outstanding Curriculum" through design and system leadership.

​​​​Leadership Development

  • ​Coaching strategies and people development.
  • Skills Coach training- sharing good practice, nurturing leaders.

​​​​Professional Learning Programme

  • A development programme for 16+ students based on experience and reflection.
  • Employment preparation for ALL Post-16 students.
Specific Consultancy and Support
  • We have staff who can supply specific intervention and short term project work to meet your needs.

Training and Development

  • ​​The unique 'Leading an Outstanding Curriuculum' programme contact us for information.

One to One Tutition

Education Systems management

  • Timetabling with SIMS NOVA-T and Advanced Learning CMIS scheduler timetabling.
  • ​Ofsted action plan delivery.
  • Provision mapping for SEN and intervention modelling.
  • Assessment systems with SIMS AM7 and other bespoke systems.
  • Governing body support, training and Associate Governor representation.
  • Free school design and implementation.

Links to CJL support sites

CJL Support sites- working with colleagues to share good practice and source quality resources. 

To access these sites you need a Microsoft account.

BLUE BUTTON7.jpgCurriculum support site​​

BLUE BUTTON7.jpg​PLP support site​

​​​Useful links for all educators