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To establish trust/governing board level strategic understanding of the cost of a curriculum and to enable leaders to use the available resources where they are most effective.

What we do..

  • Establish the nature, size and shape of the current curriculum model within clear curriculum aims and purposes.
  • Collect sufficient data to establish the cost of the current model in terms of staff, time and finances.
  • Establish sufficient understanding of the context of the context of the school and its necessary developments.
  • Report on a framework for development. 
Typically we have identified enhancements of up to £243,000 in most secondary schools and £81,000 in Primary schools. Turning these to savings are actions that follow and are entirely yours.
Where in-year deficit budgets are declared, or recovery plans are in place, we can show the cause and identify actions to follow.

3 forms of SMARTcurriculum method

SMARTc DueDiligence.png
Data survey and output dashboard.
For those who have used the system previously and just need to referesh or remodel year-on-year.
Subscription service available and online data-service in development.
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Full data collection and review package
SMARTc Analysis.png 
Embedded 'Leading an Outstanding Curriculum' process for ongoing development. Staff appointment and structure review.

​What to expect

In our experience, schools and academies consider the process excellent value for money and the potential for savings usually run into the hundreds of thousands of pounds.

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SMARTcuriculum examples​​


​Some e​xamples of enhancment profiles:

Seconday, Primary and Middle academies and schools modelling included.


 Chart 1: Enhancement gained from sixth form capacity.

enhancement 2.png 

Chart 2: Classic KS4 'Intervention' oriented model.

enhancement 3.png

Chart 3: Sixth form cost to the detriment of the rest of the model.


The cost of a single school CJL SMARTcurriculum Review is curr​​​​ently £2500 exVAT.

Further work agreed after the inital review is charged at £625 exVAT.

Multi Academy Trusts and group sponsors please contact below for group pricing.

Travel costs included, unless over 180 miles round trip from London, in which case a surcharge will be added depending on mileage and stopover costs.​

Contact us for more details and booking info@cj-learning.com